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Muay Thai and Rock Steady Boxing classes offer fitness and self-defense benefits  for all ages and backgrounds. We have students as young as 6 years old in our Muay Thai classes, and older students in our Rock Steady program for Parkinson’s disease. For children, Muay Thai instills them with confidence, increased energy, protection skills, and decreases their screen time. Reducing screen time alone will positively affect a child’s attention span, stress levels, and weight. For older adults, Rock Steady Boxing improves balance, controls tremors, promotes stability, and prevents Parkinson’s from advancing just after a month of training. No matter who you are, training at Lake Hickory Muay Thai provides a better quality of life by clearing your mind of stress and fatigue.

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Here at Lake Hickory Muay Thai, our staff is the secret to our student success. We are proud to have a team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping our students grow. Each instructor has a rich background in the Muay Thai industry and is eager to train the next generation of martial artists. Meet the team below!

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Jennifer Smith, owner of Lake Hickory Muay Thai, enjoys the regular exercise that Muay Thai  brings into her life.

J.T. Smith, owner of Lake Hickory Muay Thai, has had a passion for martial arts since his teen years.
On his martial arts journey he trained and competed in Thailand and was first inspired to open Lake Norman Muay Thai in 2016. After implementing Rock Steady Boxing into his Lake Norman school, he later learned of a Rock Steady Boxing location in Lake Hickory that was going out of business.

Rather than risk having older adults with Parkinson’s fall off the map, he purchased the school and created their second location that combines Muay Thai and Rock Steady Boxing training. Adding Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s wasn’t originally in the plans but the program has developed beyond expectations. The coaches’ passion for providing a safe space and supporting those with Parkinson’s continues to thrive with the growth of the gym. He dedicates a significant amount of the success here to the work and dedication of his wife and son as well.

The elements of teamwork truly runs deep through all of Lake Hickory Muay Thai.

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