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Hartman’s journey in Muay Thai began at a very young age, when he started training under the tutelage of his father, Kru J.T. Smith.

From there, he has trained with and learned from some of the greatest names in the sport including Jaroonsak, father and trainer of Supergirl, and Muay Thai legend, Lerdsila.

Hartman’s passion for Muay Thai has led him on a journey of continuous learning, attending seminars with some of the most well-known fighters in the world, such as Supergirl, Superlek, Saenchai, and Rodtang.

Hartman Smith


In addition to his coaching duties, Hartman is also a competitive fighter himself.

He has a deep understanding of the physical and mental demands of the sport. Which allows him to prepare his students effectively. His passion and expertise make him a valuable asset to the Lake Hickory Muay Thai community. His students consistently rave about his instruction and mentorship.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned fighter looking to hone your skills. Hartman is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in Muay Thai. His knowledge, skill, and passion make him an excellent instructor and a true asset to the Lake Hickory Muay Thai team.